Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Get Your Children to Agree to an Early Bedtime

An early bedtime can be magic! It not only helps you and your child but if you get them in bed early enough you can get alone time before bed!

My way to get Leilani into bed early is to bribe, barter and relax.

Bed time  stories: I'll tell her that if she is ready for bed at 8pm I will read her 4 books, 9pm I will only read 1 short book, and 10pm no books.

Promise the best breakfast ever! Another way I bribe her is by making a big breakfast. Generally Leilani eats cereal for breakfast so when I tell her that if she goes to bed early I'll make her pancakes with berries, orange juice and whatever else she wants the following morning she WANTS to go to bed.

Compromise: On nights that I really don't feel like reading I'll make a compromise and tell her if she's in bed before 7:30pm she can watch an episode of The Busy World of Richard Scarry.

Help them relax: Sometimes we also meditate before bed which is great or we sip on warm Egyptian Licorice Yogi Tea

Give them a massage: Leilani actually started this one. One night she decided to massage my feet for me and as a favor I massaged her back. We all know massages are great for relaxing and Tara of The Young Mommy Life goes more into how massages help her toddlers sleep.

Turn on the soothing music: sometimes this can have to opposite affect but it's still worth a try. Turn on some Nature sounds, Sade, or Sigor Ros 

What are some of the things you use to get your child into bed early?