Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Our Motto. What's a Motto? Nothing What's aMotto with You Kid?

I listen to you, you listen to me.

Is mine and Leilani's motto. It helps us to remember to not only to listen to each other but to also acknowledge that we both have something important to say.

Growing up I had little to no voice when it came to anything in life. I always just went along what was happening in my family. My parents and or guardians very rarely to never asked how I felt or what I wanted and I think a large part in that has to do with the way they were raised as children.

Granted I was very young and that is what a child is supposed to do, but a parent is also supposed to listen to their child, talk to their children and let them know that they value what their child has to say. By not creating a dialogue early on with our children we can not expect them to just magically come tell us all of their fears, concerns, problems, and accomplishments as teens.

I'm not sure if our motto will help create an environment where Leilani will come to me as a teenager and tell me all about her life but so far it's helped both of us to listen to one another.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.