Friday, February 15, 2013

The Types of Baby Sitters You Need

The only way I have been able to survive in the city is by having several sitters for Leilani. I have about 4 sitters and counting.

Having several sitters doesn't not mean that you pay them all at the same time. It means that you have several people you can call when you need a sitter; it also means that you have a back up baby sitter and a back up back up baby sitter.

These are some of the sitters you will need:

The high school student: this sitter you can use mostly on the weekends or evening. However, because they are in high school they want to have fun too! So let them know with extra time if you want them to watch your child and maybe sometimes they'll cancel last minute but its okay because you can call another one of your sitters. Also make sure that their parents are okay with the times and duration that their child is watching your child. Keep the parents happy and you will have a sitter.

The college student: the college student has money flexibility in their schedule and can help you during different hours and times according to the day. Keep in mind their schedule changes each semester so be sure to know their new schedules. The college student can also help during weekends and evenings just let them know before hand.

The life saver: this sitter may live closer to you. They are the ones you can call when you're going to be twenty minutes too late to get your child from school or daycare. They swoop right in and pick up your child for you. This sitter you may have to pay a bit more because they did save your life and because no one saves lives for cheap. If you want to keep a life saver you have to treat and pay them like one.

The goal keeper: the goal keeper is usually a close friend or close relative. They help you when it comes to you doing things that will advance you and your child's life. They generally know that the event/appointment you really need to attend is very important to you and can help you advance your lives. I would not have been able to attend the conferences, summits or events I did last year if it wasn't for my goal keeper. Upon letting your goal keeper know why and how this is so important to you they usually agree to watching your child right away and sometimes don't even charge because they know you so well that they know you can't really afford it and they really just want to help.

Remember that you should always keep your sitter happy! Your sitter(s) are all life savers! With out them you wouldn't be able to due half of the things you want or need to do.

Have I missed a sitter? Let me know which.