Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting More Free Time During the Weekend.

Cleaning during the week is a MUST! Usually we put off cleaning until the weekend however, in doing this we are adding more and more to do during the weekend which leads to less time to relax and more stress.

I try to clean the house throughout the week to help make the weekend as relaxing as I can. Some of the things I do during the week can range from less demanding house work to more demanding house work.

For example I'll put a few loads of laundry into the washer while Leilani is doing homework or while I'm cooking dinner. By the time she's done with her homework so is the washer and one more thing checked off my To-Do List. Other times I'll simply sweep the floor or wipe the sink down the bathroom after brushing my teeth in the morning when I have an extra minute.

If cleaning during the week is a new idea to you try easing into it by doing one of the following this week.

  • Laundry
  • Cleaning the stove
  • Mop the floors in the whole house or two of the rooms
  • Clean the bathroom.

The trick is to do the cleaning in parts so that it's not too demanding during the week but just enough to help reduce the cleaning list over the weekend.

Do you clean during the week? Let me know below.


  1. Just read you are Op-ED on the NY Times! Stay Positive! You are an inspiration to many people. It's very easy for society to put forth a certain view that taints the brighter sides of a situation. You brought a beautiful, healthy baby girl into this world!It is not a crime to be a teen mom! Congratulations and keep up the advocacy!

  2. I do clean both during the week and on the weekend. My most hated chore is laundry so I always leave that last. I usually clean when I'm bored which is alot.

  3. I just read your Op-Ed in the NYT as well! Thanks for writing it - I think that it will make a lot of people think. And it was good to give those shout-outs to the people that were positive and helpful so that other people can think about their actions. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for your awesome New York Times Op-Ed piece. Your voice is so important!! Shame on NYC for taking such an ignorant approach. I just want to tell you, as a New Yorker (and as a woman who didn't have children until later in life), I find the ad campaign totally embarrassing and appalling.

  5. I spend time with my 4-year-old granddaughter every week and she LOVES to FOLD stuff! She's a big help with sorting the laundry, matching socks, and putting things away. Washing dishes takes longer, but she likes that too. Doing housework with your child can be fun together-time.