Friday, March 8, 2013

New York City Teenage Pregnancy Ads

By now I am sure you have seen or at least heard about the new New York City teenage pregnancy ads (if not click here). 

To put it simply, these ads are a waste of resources and will not work. 

My first response upon seeing this ads was, why? Why of all things did the majors office and New York City agencies decide to put so much money into telling teen parents that they aren't shit, will never be shit, and are going to live a life of doom and gloom? 

The problem with these ads besides the fact that they are 
egregious, shame and blame driven is that they will not reach their target audience and stop teens from having sex. The mission of this ad campaign will not reach these teen because these teens aren't thinking about daycare cost and how their hypothetical future children will fare in school before having sex. If they had a pregnant teen saying I didn't think it would happen to me, call 1-800 to get information on how to protect yourself THAT would work more and it wouldn't further isolate young parents.

All teens think teenage pregnancy will not happen to them. Every. Single. One.

So until we start addressing that belief with comprehensive sex education and informing teens about how to engage in safe sex when they choose to have sex or the power of saying no and sticking to it when you feel pressured to have sex, NYC and the country is once again failing to meet the needs of its youth

And to all the people that say "truth hurts" please know that you can not tell me-as a teen mom- and all of my teenage parent peers our truth. You don't know and you won't ever know it by isolating us with such awful ads. 

Please know that the truth is:

The truth is older generations are failing to meet the needs of my generation and our blaming my generation in the process.