Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Applying to Graduate School Anxieties and Rambles

Gap year or no gap year? That is the question.

A gap year is when a person graduating from one level of school takes a break for a year before going on to complete the next level of education.

I am going to finish my undergrad college degree this fall. Initially I want to go straight into my graduate studies but now I'm freaking out.

Graduate school! Graduate school! I literally have a thousand little spongebobs running around in my head just like this:

Spongebob Brain Fire
 The process and the prospect is scaring the shit out of me!

Yesterday I sat down a visited the websites of all the schools I'm going to apply to and for some I should start applying as early as SEPTEMBER! September! I'll still be struggling through French classes then.

  • That means I have to take the GRE in the summer while taking three courses!
  • That means I may possibly be moving, again!
  • This means I'm growing up even more and it's scary as hell!
  • That I have less time to tour the schools
  • That I need to start talking to more people to help me with the process. People like professors, alum of the schools I want to go to, and faculty and staff at the schools
  • Looking for possible schools for Leilani in ALL these neighborhoods just in case I get accepted, I need to have a general idea about the school districts for her

So while I was feeling my anxiety rising I watched a YouTube video that reminded me of some of the things I want us to do but completely forgot about.

Things like the east coast trip or organic farming for a while or couch surfing the United States or homeschooling for a bit. So I started to miss these dreams and figured a gap year could satisfy some of these dreams.

Now I'm not sure of i'm running from my anxieties and fears surrounding the Graduate school application process (i'm sure I am) or if I need a gap year to "re-charge" considering I've been a student parent since 15.

I guess what is really scaring me is that it's not just me applying to these schools it's me and Leilani.

Please leave some nice words below. I need them right now. hahah