Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Applying to Graduate School Anxieties and Rambles

Gap year or no gap year? That is the question.

A gap year is when a person graduating from one level of school takes a break for a year before going on to complete the next level of education.

I am going to finish my undergrad college degree this fall. Initially I want to go straight into my graduate studies but now I'm freaking out.

Graduate school! Graduate school! I literally have a thousand little spongebobs running around in my head just like this:

Spongebob Brain Fire
 The process and the prospect is scaring the shit out of me!

Yesterday I sat down a visited the websites of all the schools I'm going to apply to and for some I should start applying as early as SEPTEMBER! September! I'll still be struggling through French classes then.

  • That means I have to take the GRE in the summer while taking three courses!
  • That means I may possibly be moving, again!
  • This means I'm growing up even more and it's scary as hell!
  • That I have less time to tour the schools
  • That I need to start talking to more people to help me with the process. People like professors, alum of the schools I want to go to, and faculty and staff at the schools
  • Looking for possible schools for Leilani in ALL these neighborhoods just in case I get accepted, I need to have a general idea about the school districts for her

So while I was feeling my anxiety rising I watched a YouTube video that reminded me of some of the things I want us to do but completely forgot about.

Things like the east coast trip or organic farming for a while or couch surfing the United States or homeschooling for a bit. So I started to miss these dreams and figured a gap year could satisfy some of these dreams.

Now I'm not sure of i'm running from my anxieties and fears surrounding the Graduate school application process (i'm sure I am) or if I need a gap year to "re-charge" considering I've been a student parent since 15.

I guess what is really scaring me is that it's not just me applying to these schools it's me and Leilani.

Please leave some nice words below. I need them right now. hahah


  1. I got here from the Rants from Mommyland blog. I'm a professor and I advise all my students to take a year or two off, if possible. You sound like you've already got your head together, but still. College is intense and it's hard to find the space in your mind to consider all your options when you're going at such a fast pace. Choosing a graduate school is a big deal and it is smart to give yourself the time to make a careful decision.

  2. I also got here from the Mommyland blog. I am a young
    mom too. I had my daughter in April a month before college graduation in May. I graduated on time and jumped right into a Master's program. I also was DREADING taking the GREs and the application process. I knew where I wanted to go and went non-matriculated the first semester. Over the winter, I took the GREs and completed the application process. I was accepted as a full time grad student in the spring and will be graduating next May. I also have dreams about traveling with my daughter & living alternatively for a period before really settling down. In retrospect, though, I am so glad I went to grad school right away. Graduate school requires an incredible amount of discipline as you are your own teacher--my classes meet weekly. During the week, I have to do a lot of reading and outside research that has come naturally having just finished my undergrad. For me, I think taking a year off would have made it very hard to get back into the swing of things. Now I am asking myself about whether I should take time off before medical school?!! Ah, decisions decisions!!

  3. I didn't give myself a break. I graduated July 2012 and the next month, I started graduate school. I'm guessing the motivation was my assistantship that I knew I had and the fact that I've taken a break before, and it was hard to get back into the swing of things. For my graduate program, I only need 30 hours--that's 10 classes. And in less than a year, I only have 5 more left. While I'm not in a rush to finish just yet, time is moving rather quickly but graduate school is quite rewarding.

    But that's me. You have to do what's best for you and your baby. I had to do from my babies and I. Good luck with whatever you decide! (: