Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easy Way to Turn Your Passion into a Career

In an ideal world everyone would work at a job they enjoy, doing things that they enjoy doing.

Unfortunately, this isn't the case but fortunately it CAN be.

How often do we say we'll do *that* when the time is right, have more time, and or tomorrow? ALL the time! Which sucks.

A while ago I went to an event about turning your passion into a career and the one thing I really took away from it was, start now.

If you work at a fast food place but really want to be making films do both! Start writing the script to the film, start shooting videos of simple things like a get together with friends and family and edit it to a great video. Once you start practicing your dreams and goals they become a reality.

If you are making films but really want to be a chef be the chef of your film screenings! Have friends over for dinner parties/ tastings of a new recipe.

Start now!
Start today!

When you show yourself you are serious about making your dreams a reality others will take you seriously. You'll be surprised how the world will open up to you when you are on the path you are meant to take/ create!

We are human. We are multi-dimensional. We have the capability and the amazing ability to do several things at once. Make one of those many things something that makes you happy and happy about your future.

So what is your dream? When are you going to start and how can I help?