Monday, April 29, 2013

Gap Year or Not? I FINALLY have an Answer

After much consideration, thinking, flow charts, google searches, and lists I have decided to take some time off between my undergrad and graduate studies.

I already decided to extend my undergrad studies another semester-which I'm sure I'll whine through the whole time- and feel that taking some time off will be best.

Since the age of 15 I have been a student parent. The constant morning shuffle, careful planning, baby sitter scouting, missed deadlines, and exhausted evenings have gone on for almost ten years, with about a years break during.

The truth is I'm tired. I want to take time for my family, myself, and my career before starting my graduate studies.

A graduate program is a lot of work and then add the stressors I have to consider when applying to schools. I can't and I won't put myself through all of that while still completely classes, parenting, and everything else during the summer.

So as of now. I am taking a gap year between my undergraduate and graduate studies and I'm... Working on being okay with my decision.


  1. don't beat yourself off Gloria! I took 2 years in between my first degree and the one I'm pursuing now to make sure it was the right decision. Now I will be in for about another 4 years straight because I'll be completing a RN degree and a Master's :). Be at peace with your decision. You want to be work on being a better Mom, doing some things that interest you an hell, enjoying life! I feel the struggle mama, I'm right here with you! Be blessed and only good things can come from your decision :)