Friday, April 12, 2013

Leilani's Birthday Helped Me Realize A Lot

The eve of Leilani's birthday I couldn't sleep! Between the anticipation and excitemt of her birthday, the blankets being too hot, and me just thinking about how amazing it is to be the mother of this beautiful and intelligent young girl I was up all night. 

She woke up at 6:20am and we laid in bed together for a bit talking and me telling her about our labor. 

She got dressed for school-channeling a little TGIF Punkie Brewster style-and we were off to school. After I dropped her off I sat down on a bench at the park and just cried. 

I cried happy, proud, excited, and grateful tears. My baby is seven! Seven! 

Because of the beauty in the world- YOU-I was able to make her dreams come true. 

She's seven, she's intelligent, hard working, determined, humble, grateful, and all of the amazing things I couldn't have asked for if I could have "built my own child." 

She teaches me so much about love, life, and living life by ones own terms that it amazes me more and more everyday. I can without a doubt day that I am the parent I am today because of who her.

People always tell me that I must be a great patent to have such a great child but the truth if the matter is our children tell us the parent they need and want. We just have to be willing to listen and answer. 

Leilani is the best student and teacher I could have never asked for.