Monday, April 15, 2013

My Very Own Telescope?!

Leilani's birthday was nothing short of amazing. 

First, we had a school class party- because we mutually decided that we weren't going to have one at home. 
Her teacher made sure tht the last two hour of the day were for her party and nothing else. So we danced, played games, ate, took pictures, and had copious amounts of candy during that time. 

After class the kids were thanking me and calling me "Leilani's cool mom," which I absolutely LOVE being called Leilani's mom and being called cool doesn't hurt either. ;) 

At dismissal one of her friends who is also in class with her gave her a really nice gift too! 

Her telescope and microscope combo pack came in ON HER BIRTHDAY which I could not have planned any better myself and we were set to see the lion king that night. At this point she had no idea about these two. 

We got home and she asked who the package was for with a HUGE smile on her face. 
She opened it and:
The other surprise was her microscope which she didnt realize at the time. 

Then after eating dinner I told her about The Lion King: 

The whole day she smiled and was super happy and grateful. I kept telling her that this was all happening because a lot of people care about her and because she is such a great person. 

During the lion king we both cried. 

If you think watching Mufasa die on the Disney movie was tough try it with Broadway actors.  Lol. 
Then we got a photo with the actress that played adult Nala, Chantel Riley. She was very kind and a great powerhouse performer. She gave Leilani a huge hug and sang a little happy birthday to her before we took the photo. 

I can not stress enough how amazing and beautiful the whole day was. Seeing Leilani so surprised, greatful, and happy was the best thing ever. 

Again. THANK YOU! I cried throughout the whole day because I could not believe how beautiful my life is. There were times when I could have not imagined this being Leilani's and my life and it is truly amazing.