Monday, April 1, 2013

Rhetoric About Teenage Parents

Below is some of the most come rhetoric that I have heard, seen, and experienced for speaking up and out on behalf of myself and teenage parents.

With all of the positive feedback I have received lately I have also received some negative feedback. I feel that I need to address this feedback directly because listening to the arguments made by some people are necessary to address and understand how we can move forward as a society.

Great! You're advocating FOR teenage pregnancy!

I do NOT advocate FOR teenage pregnancy.
That's absurd. Just because I am proud of the person I am, share my story, and hope that my story can help other teenage parents and society understand that teenage parents are not sub human does not mean I advocate for teenage pregnancy.Not addressing the needs of teenage parents and the social problems that lead to it inadvertently encourages teenage pregnancy.

Teaching comprehensive sex education is useless and doesn't fix anything.
...*scratches head* how...?
Youth who receive true comprehensive evidence based sex education are more likely to defer becoming sexually active until a later age. When they do choose to become sexually active they are more likely to practice safe sex, and have less sexual partners in their lives.

Teaching comprehensive sex education introduces youth to sex.

Society, television, grocery store check out lanes, billboards, commercials, and just about everything else introduces sex to children. In a negative way.

Parents and comprehensive sex education should and aught to be there to contextualize these messages children see everyday to help children better understand everything that has to do with relationships, sex, puberty, and sexual health.

Parents are the ONLY ones that should talk to their children about sex.

Parents should be the FIRST ones to talk to their children about sex. Unfortunately, there is no absolute way to ensure they are the ONLY ones talking to their children about the changes a youth's body will undergo, and relationships. The truth is many parents aren't or if they are they may not be doing an effective job.

You are so dumb if you don't know where babies come from, keep your legs closed and you won't get pregnant.

I know where babies come from. I also know sex has the POSSIBILITY of creating babies, what I did not know- because no one talked to me- about it was BIRTH CONTROL.

I also know that it takes a male and female to make a baby so why are you only making sexual health a females sole responsibility with out providing us with enough accurate information, tell us that we shouldn't worry our pretty little heads about such things, or stigmatize young people-mostly young girls- as loose, fast, sluts, whores or whatever else when we show an interest in learning about sexual health and an our bodies and WHO'S TALKING TO OUR BOYS!