Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Enjoy the Journey not Just the End

I am officially done with the spring 2013 semester. To me this semester came and went super quick and with it came, stayed, and finally left my anxieties about the rest of my academic career.

At the beginning of the semester friends kept saying, "but this is your last semester..." I'd cut a look at them "... Right?" They'd finish slowly. No... It's not and I chose to extend my studies for another year I'd reply in the saddest Eeyore voice I had.
I watched friends post about their last semesters and last ever research papers I felt happy for them and a bang of damn why not me? Why can't I be done too?

Then I realized not me because its not my time! I'll graduate in a year and it will be my time but honestly most importantly I've learned that you can't just love when you reach your goal, you have to enjoy and love the whole journey!