Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Four Easy Ways to Keep You Dreams Alive.

How to not let fear kill your dreams

  • Make an accomplishment list. 
A list of all the accomplishments you've made so far and keep adding every time you achieve a new one. 
  • Make a How to do list 
Get real and make a "How To-Do List" that help you reach your goals through a plan, not just a list if goals. I used to make unrealistic "To-Do List" list like "save $1,000 by June" with no steady income or checks big enough that would allow for that to happen. A How To-Do List should be more realistic. 
  • Keep moving! 
Do at least one thing everyday that helps you reach your goals. Send an email, send a thank you card, practice writing, do ten push ups. Whatever you goal(s) is/are do something everyday to keep them alive.
  • Stay in your lane
Don't worry about what the next person has of does not have. Don't worry about what their life looks like. Don't worry about not being like them. Be like you, only you, and know that there is more than enough to go around if you work for it.

"Sometimes I have such overwhelming feelings of self doubt that it paralyzes me. I start thinking is what i'm doing worth it? Does it really matter? Maybe I should just give up. 
Then I receive an email or message from someone who has found my blog and it touched their hearts. Then they write me the message and then they touch my hear. Then, I remember this is what it's all about. Touching one another's hearts and supporting one an other. 

These types of emotions are dream killers and dream killers are the worse kind of emotions to carry around with you. I'm still learning how to not give into these feelings and it's a wonderfully disastrous learning experience. 

One day I feel like I'm on top of the world and other I feel as if I'm being squished by it. The worse thing is all of these emotions and feelings come from within.

I've done a good job at removing the people in my life who are dream killers but for some reason I'm struggling with removing that part of myself from myself.

One night when I couldn't sleep and was growing annoyed of trying to fool myself into sleep I laid on my back and just looked up at the ceiling. 

"What is stopping you? Who is stopping you? What is in your way, Malone?" 

I asked myself out loud in the blackness of the night. 
I sat there. 
I thought about it for a while. 
Then I said, "I am."

I let that answer hang in the air for a while. "I am." I said again.
Smiling from ear to ear I realized I found the answer to the questions I had been avoiding to ask myself. 

I was the problem, I still am but I am bigger than my problems.