Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keep Your Dreams Alive!

It's 2013 and my little sister is graduating from high school. We are traveling to watch her graduate and give the commencement speech at her graduation and couldn't be any prouder.

Selfishly I think about my high school graduation and how a lot of people said if wouldn't happen but it did.
I remember being at football games-on the rare occasion that I went- or whenever the situation arised chanting OOOOOO8888888, 0000008888, 0000008888 to let everyone know that we were the class of-you guessed it- '08.

I was proud to be in highschool

Having Leilani at the end of my sophomore year of high school was tough but I was determined to enjoy high school-even though I didn't think high school was that big of a deal really- and so I did. I went to a high school dance, stayed in chorus and drama classes, I sang at Carnegie Hall and Disney and I held onto MY dreams. In May 2008 I walked across the stage with my honors tassels and received my diploma.

Despite what you hear all around you, your dreams are not dead, dumb, too big, unrealistic or whatever else people tell you or think just because you are a teenage parent. Hold on to your dreams because they're the only things that won't leave you, you leave them if you're not careful enough.

For some encouragement check out Dr. Watkins, Dr. Acevedo, Devyni, and all of the other amazing interviews from teen moms who were told to give up their dreams but refused to.