Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Teen Moms Letter to The Candie's Foundation #noteeshame

Dear Candies, 

I am a former teen mom who thinks the Candie's Foundation has done a great job at getting youth, adults, and celebrities a like to pay attention to your teenage pregnancy campaigns. 

The letters you have from teenage parents on your blog are powerful and show that as an organization you realize that having a teenage parent's voice is important and needed when discussing teenage pregnancy and teenage pregnancy pervention. However, it seems these well written and powerful letters have not found a way to your public ad campaigns. 

As a foundation you have the amazing and unique advantage to become a true leader in teenage pregnancy pervention messaging, if you listen to what the organizers and supporters of #noteenshame have to say.

We are not calling on you to stop producing ads. We are calling on you meet with us so we can discuss the differences and similarities we have.

I am confident that your ads are not intentionally offensive however, it is important to realize that one can be offensive without intending to be. 

The response one takes after they have been told they have offended others is what is most important and speaks louder to audiences. 

Please consider meeting with the #noteenshame team so we can all discuss how The Candie's Foundation can become a more well rounded, innovative, informative, and educative tool to help teens make healthier decisions when it comes to their health by listening to constructive feedback. 

The #noteenshame team and supporters are eager to see what direction you take and hope that we will meet with you soon. 

Thank you, 

Teen Mom NYC 

Gloria Malone