Thursday, June 20, 2013

Are you your child's best coach?

On the last day of Leilani's swim lessons the parents were able to go inside and watch the children show us everything they learned during the season. 

Before entering the pool Leilani looked up to me and said "you're like my coach, whenever I do something wrong you tell and show me how to so it right so I can get it right. I love that." Then she gave me a kiss and a huge smile. 

Hearing this was unexpected and made me feel great! 

As parents we are constantly doing the best we can and hoping that what were doing is right and helpful to our children. To have her vocalize that she recognizes what I do and that she appreciates it put me over the moon. 

As I sat on the pool deck watching her swimming around with no fear and volunteering to go first over and over again I beamed with pride that she was my daughter. 

She would do something the instructor told her to do and after listening to the feedback of the instructor she'd remove her goggles and look in my direction for feedback. I'd either give her a big smile, thumbs up, and if needed sign language feedback to which she always 
received with a smile and a thank you nod. 

I have always thought of us like a team and I'm glad she sees us like that too.

When was the last time your child told you something that melted your heart?