Monday, June 17, 2013

Centering Myself-Again

I had been feeling completely discombobulated lately.  

Maybe it was traveling back to back, lack of sleep, my post IUD symptoms, or a combination of all but I was feel down and out for what seemed no real reason. 

First I realized I wasn't remembering my dreams when I'd wake up. This is a big deal to me because I believe in the importance of dreams. Then I realized I was super bloated which I attributed to lack of consistent exercise, not eating enough, and my post IUD symptoms. As well as my mind was in a million places at once-more than usual-and I wasn't getting much done. 

More importantly I realized these things and made it a priority to do something about them. 

To fix some of my problems I made quieting my mind before bed a priority. A least a half an hour before bed I would disconnect from the electronics except for a guided meditation I would play. 

After meditating my mind was calmer, clear, and ready for a good nights sleep. What I didn't imagine was how rested I would wake up on the morning and that I would start remembering my dreams! And my mind was ready to tackle the days work. 

To fix the bloating and lack of energy I started moving! I would stretch or randomly do ten push-ups or ten squats and I started taking the stairs more. 
I also started taking my vitamins again and more importantly I started eating.  As crazy as it sounds I often forget to eat which is no good at all. 

I still have a long way to go to getting "back to normal." But I'm on my way and feeling good about it.