Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Check Out Your Local Library Today

"Mommy I want to go to the library today, not the park." Leilani said to me a few months back after picking her up from school. "Huh? You sure?" Yes mommy lets go she said as she dragged me towards the library.

Leilani and I read books together often, in fact they are part of my early bedtime bribing routine, but up until that point I hadn't realized that we didn't frequent the library.

In fact, we would go to the book stores, hang out in there looking through books, and eventually negotiating the stack of books down to one book so I could purchase her a book with whatever change I had left from the week, usually $4.

We loved it and it was a great thing to do during the nasty weather New York City can have. However, I did feel a bit bad for not being able to purchase all the books she wanted but the library aliveates this problem completely!

The public library has events they do everyday of the week like board game day-which I go to to teach Leilani how to play chess, performances from local educational entertainment groups, Wii on Monday, and even a 3D printer the kids could create things on.

Public libraries are great but often forgotten like in my case.

The library has also helped me connect with like minded parents in the area and get to know some of Leilani's school friends closer.

Check out your local library today and find out everything they have to offer! I promise you won't be sorry you did!

You can find your closest library here.