Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TMI Confession: I Love My Naked Body

Before becoming pregnant I had the cute 15 year old athletic body with a big Dominicana booty. I loved it!

However, going from 110 pounds to almost 200 while being pregnant, then having my weight fluctuate all over the place until I FINALLY did something about it, combined with never really having boobs, then slowly learning how to love my boobs for what they were, AND the fact that I have stretch marks-like a zebra- all over my body I didn't have a healthy relationship when it came to my body image.

While I started slowing falling in love with parts my body I still didn't love all of it for what it was/is. I remember my Virginia Beach trip and how much of a HUGE deal it was that I was going to wear a tiny bikini on a beach trip with my friends.

I was scared and filled with I don't care sentiment at the same time. In the end I wore my tiny bikini, had a blast, and didn't even THINK about my stretch marks or "tiny" boobs.

I have come to realize that I love my body. Yes it's been through more than a "normal" 23 year old woman but I don't care.

This is where you're going to think i'm nuts. 

Just about every time I get out of the shower I look at my fully naked body in the mirror and every time I love it! The other day I got undressed in front of the mirror, put my hands on my hips, looked at my naked body for a minute, and thought: damn you're hot.

My small boobs, my stretch marks, all of me is hot, awesome, and should be loved and celebrated.

Now when I look in the mirror this is how I feel:

 I challenge you to fall in love with EVERY part of you in the mirror