Monday, July 1, 2013

A Good Conversation with a Good Friend Can Change Your Whole Perspective

Never underestimate the power of a good conversation. 

Yesterday I was feeling really down and small. I was having feelings of self doubt and really felt like I needed to talk to someone. I looked at my Facebook chat and saw a good friend I met in Washington D.C was online. 

I messaged them and asked them if they had a moment to chat because I really needed to talk to someone. We chatted for 30 minutes or so and the two things I really got from the conversation was: 

  • Don't underestimate the power of a conversation with a good friend. 
  • Stay in your lane has several meanings. 
Stay in your lane is simply a different way to say mind your business.

Believe it or not advocacy is extremely draining and emotional. As much as I try to not  internalize much of the work-the negative comments, people's lack of information towards things, or the very difficult moments when you realize someone you thought understood "it" really doesn't and is a victim of group thinking- I do. 

I do and it's not healthy emotionally or physically. 

From the conversation the meaning stay in your lane had become was pay attention to and respect the struggles of others but do not internalize them more than you should and you don't always have to be "on" all the time. 

In the world of advocacy to some that statement seems like a crime but to me it's  necessary and since realizing it I feel so much better. 

What good does it do me to always bombard myself with the stories of doom and gloom when it comes to human rights? Absolutely none in fact it can have an adverse affect where I feel nothing I do is worth it. 

This perspective doesn't only apply to advocacy though it applies to all things in life.

You can't be all over the place while trying to please everyone and always feel like you have to be a fierce or stereotype defying human being. Just be yourself and breathe and allow yourself to sit on the couch longer than you feel you should, or lay down in the middle of the day, or go out to eat once in a while with someone you love. Most of all be sure to take care of you!