Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let Your Child Have a Bad Day

As adults we all have bad/off days and moments right? 
Now ask yourself how often do you allow your child to have a bad/off day like you? 

I've come to realize that just like adults children have and should be entitled to having a "bad" day. A day where they can be a bit cranky, not listen even after you repeat something over and over again, and basically just don't really feel like having a smile and positive attitude all the time. 

The other day while Leilani and I were at the zoo she slipped into a bit of a funk. I tried to get her out if it by joking and playing around with her. when that wouldn't work I started to feel like she didn't appreciate that we were at the zoo and having fun, and then I started asking her over and over again what was wrong to which she would reply nothing to over and over again. 

I found myself getting upset with her simply because she was experiencing a different emotion than what I wanted her to be. 

When we got on the bus on the way back and finally at home I could quite literally feel her perking up and relaxing. 

Then I realized all of the other factors that I was ignoring at the zoo:

  • The exhibit we went to the zoo for was over capacity and we couldn't get in. Which disappointed her. 
  • Every other exhibit was packed so we could go to it. Which further disappointed her. 
  • She was starting to get hungry and our water bottle now held lukewarm water in it. 
  • Oh did I forget it was a blazing 93 degrees outside with no shade. 
Any adult under those circumstances would have most likely been in a funk and not really wanting to jump for joy just because someone else expected them to. Leilani sympathizes and accepts when I have bad days, the least I can do is give her the same respect she gives me.

Remember your child is a little human too and all humans are allowed to experience all range of emotions, happy, sad, disappointed, everything so let them and don't take it personal.