Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back To School With @EarlyMama

Early Mama is a blog founded by an Early Mama, Michelle Horton.

Last night I was reading Early Mama and LOVED the 14 Comments Young Mom are Sick of Hearing post! So much greatness is here and I'm sure we can ALL relate to these types of comments and questions from complete strangers.

Just this Monday I cussed someone out before 11am because he disrespected me and Leilani FOR NO REASON!
I digress.
source: Early Mama
When I finished the 14 Comments post, shared it all over Twitter and Facebook, I went back to Early Mama and saw the awesome Back to School Week the site is having for STUDENT PARENTS! While older parents worry about their kids back to school task and list, we teen moms have to worry about back to school DOUBLE time!

All this week Early Mama and the new Early Mama contributing writers have and will continue to write Back to School Post for us! Student parents! Be sure to check it out!