Monday, August 19, 2013

We Live in NYC. Get Over It!

While we were in Florida everyone was asking myself and Leilani over and OVER again when we were moving back. While I understand the question, curiosity, or less than perfect way to say I miss you I hate the question when asked over and over again. But more than anything I HATE when it's asked of Leilani over and over again followed by one or all of the following:

  • Don't you miss Florida? 
  • Isn't Florida better?
  • Tell you mommy how much you dislike NYC maybe she'll listen and move back.
  • We really miss you here and wish very much that you could move back. 
  • Well Florida is better than NYC you know. 
  • I think you would like Florida better. 
  • Your mommy is so mean for moving you away... and the list goes on. 
This type of questioning/ badgering of Leilani really pisses me off. Again I realize they are basic questions or whatever but when asked of a 7 year old over and over again to the point that she is repeating these things to me really upsets me.

First off, Florida and I do NOT mix. For whatever reasons I can not live there and Florida doesn't like me as a resident. 
Second, the people asking the questions are mostly the people who made our life A LIVING HELL when we did live there. 
And most of all, can you be an adult and check that selfish shit while you're spending time with or interacting with her? 

She doesn't know and or understand why we had to move to NYC, you as an 'adult' should and do know. You know our life was garbage when we were there and we wouldn't be anywhere near such a healthy place that we are now if we stayed. You know I ALWAYS wanted to move back to NYC and you KNOW that she is the amazing child she is because of all the decisions I've made as her mother. 

Florida trips can be very emotional for Leilani considering her father's side of the family all live in Florida, her favorite cousin who is more like a brother lives there, and it's the place she lived for the first four years of her life. Going back and spending time with these people and knowing you live apart from them is tough. I use to feel bad about not being able to give her the extended family she wants but the reality is that we are our own family and we live in New York City.  

In short: Dear family and friends who always ask the above questions please stop! We live in New York City, we're not moving to Florida, get the heck over it!