Monday, September 2, 2013

#BackToSchool Times TWO. Being a Student Parent

For many parents back to school season is stressful, but for student parents like myself the stress is doubled. 

Since the age of 16, back to school for me has meant having all of my back to school details squared away while simultaneously looking for a quality and affordable daycare for my daughter, having enough diapers in the diaper bag, clean bottles, and everything else that parents need to pack and ensure their children have as the enter daycare. 

Although the planning season for most parents begins about a month before school starts for their children, for student parents the process starts when we enroll ourselves into our next semester classes while still dealing with the current semester. Finding courses that line up with the times our child is in school to minimize the cost of daycare, after school programs, or a babysitter is essential but also limits the amount of credit hours a parent can take during a semester. Then there is the minor detail that certain days of my school schedule don’t line up with the early pick up times for her school or public school holidays that simply don’t exists for college students. 

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