Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fitness Classes for Pregnant Teens in NYC

Pregnant teens and teen moms in NYC be sure to check out these free, affordable, and exciting fitness classes you can take while pregnant. 

Being active and healthy before, during, and after pregnancy is extremely important however, often times fitness classes for pregnant woman are so expensive that many teen moms can not afford them but this is NO LONGER THE CASE! 

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From the program information email I received: 
Prenatal classes return to the New Settlement Community Center in the Bronx this week!  We are continuing the very popular weekly FREE and BILINGUAL prenatal yoga class on Tuesdays at 10:30 AM and are also restarting the exciting prenatal water exercise class on Fridays at 7:15 PM - $25 for 6 weeks.
A second water exercise class starts October 7th at Riverbank State Park in Manhattan.  $58 for 8 weeks ($48 if women already have a Riverbank ID card).  Participants MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR THIS CLASS.
Finally, we continue the wonderful and affordable prenatal yoga (Friday mornings) and belly dance (Saturday afternoons) classes at Harlem Yoga Studio.  These classes are by donation for pregnant women. 
Bread and Yoga will be reopening in October at a new location in Inwood.  Stay tuned!  Have a great day,
Please help us raise the small amount of funds needed to continue the amazing Bronx class by encouraging someone you know to make a small tax-deductible donation here:!

Did you take fitness classes while pregnant? Did you enjoy them?