Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Advocacy Training for Teen Moms From National Latina's Institute for Reproductive Health and E-LOLA

About a year ago I was approached by The National Latinas about their new young mothers advocacy program. I can honestly say that NLIRH is one of the biggest reasons I am the advocate I am today! Don't miss this chance to learn, network, and meet some amazing people! Sign up today! 

This opportunity to for ALL. Hispanics/Latina and Non-Hispanic/Latina

The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health believes in the importance of supporting young women's decisions over their bodies, which is why we've created this webinar training. 

This Electronic - Latinas Organizing for Leadership and Advocacy (E-Lola) Training is designed for young mothers (under 25) who wish to make a difference in their community or become more aware.

Register here: tinyurl.com/MomELola

The E-Lola is made up of 3 sessions each is an hour long. To attend an E-Lola, one must have access to a telephone and computer with internet connection.
                Session 1: Latina Reproductive Rights, Health and Justice 10/11 at 7pm
                Session 2: Why Young Moms? Now What? 11/8 at 7pm
                Session 3: Young Moms Grassroots Advocacy 12/13 at 7pm

Register here: tinyurl.com/MomELola