Thursday, October 17, 2013

Know Your Legal Rights as a Pregnant and Parenting Teen Book

Becoming a pregnant teen is an extremely confusing and scary time. I vividly remember being especially confused and scared about MY legal right to parent since I was technically not an adult myself (I was 15 when I gave birth).

I remember my mother and her boyfriend making comments like "That's our baby because you're underage so you have no legal rights over her" and being scared out of my mind! Were they really the custodial parents of my baby? Could they-or anyone- just take her from me simply because I was underage? I have underaged teenage friends that have gotten pregnant by a male over the age of 18 (happens more often than you think) and the guy threaten her with taking the baby because he was the "real" adult in the situation and even had his family harass her too.

Then there are the countless amount of teenage mothers that have been kicked out of their familie's home and struggle with knowing if they can go to a homeless shelter, if they need to stay in or will get kicked out of foster care for being pregnant, can they have their children with them at the shelter or foster home, can they apply for WIC and other government aid even if they are under 18?

The reality is knowing your legal rights as a pregnant and or parenting teen is difficult and VERY SCARY!

Thankfully the NYCLU has a wonderful book that explains ALL OF YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AS A TEENAGE PARENT in New York State.
The book is FULL of answer for most if not ALL your questions about the legal rights you have as a pregnant and parenting teen in New York State and New York City.

You can find the information on their website here in a PDF form. However, I have a box FULL of these books and I'm giving away 20 copies to anyone who needs/wants them.

Leave your email address people if you would like one of the books so we can talk via email about how to get your free copy to you.