Friday, October 11, 2013

On Mental Health Day Where is the Convo about Pregnant and Parenting Teens?

After my post about postpartum depression was shared and read several times I decided to expand my point of view on the overall nonexistent conversation about the mental health and wellness in pregnant and parenting teens over on The Push Back.

Read an expert of the post below and be sure to head over to The Push Back to read the rest and more amazing articles from other teenage parents.
While society and even many pregnant and parenting teen allis continue to ponder why, how, where, and when teenagers become pregnant they often times over look the mental health and well being of the pregnant and or parenting teen.

Teenage parents and our families have been reduced to controversial public campaign ads, cautionary tales, and political scapegoats all the while suffering from very normal and serious mental health concerns that are not spoken about anywhere.

Sexually based abuses, domestic violence, and depression are all on the rise in American youth. Yet the discussion about how teenage parents face all of these mental health woes and abuses on top of societies continuous and brutal attacks on us and our families goes unspoken about.

Pregnant and parenting teens are under an insurmountable amount of stress and struggling alone and in silence. In fact, postpartum depression effects teenage mothers more than any other age group of mothers.

We are told that our entire life, existence, and that of our children is doomed, we are kicked out of school, bullied by peers, adults, and random strangers on a regular basis. While out and about in our neighborhoods whether we are going to a WIC appointment, class, work or taking our children to the bookstore (yes we do all of these things and more) we have to face disrespectful and demoralizing campaign ads everyday.

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