Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Postpartum Depression in Pregnant Teens

While writing a piece for Mommy Noire about Miriam Carey, the woman who crashed her car into the White House lawn and Capitol building before being shot and killed, I came across some very sobering findings about postpartum depression.

 Teenage mothers have the highest rates of postpartum depression. 

Some of the other causes of postpartum depression include but are not limited to:
  • being a single mother
  • lack of help and support from family, friends, and your significant other
  • financial problems such as not earning enough, getting fired, and or being unemployed 
  • overload of stress
  • lack of sleep and more
Most if not all of the above can and do happen to pregnant teens ALL THE TIME. 
Many pregnant teens get kicked out of their homes, school, and even extra curricular activities. The stress society places on us and the amount of stress that we place on yourselves is crippling. 

The fact that we can't make enough money no matter how hard we work for your families is extremely stressful. Not to mention the terrible and disrespectful public shaming campaigns about ourselves and our innocent children.

It's no wonder teenage parents are at a higher risk for postpartum depression.  

When I had just given birth to Leilani I remember being in an in between space. I was happy but I was tired, overwhelmed, and felt like I had no one to talk to because everyone seemed too busy putting me down. I remember holding her one day and looking in the mirror. I don't know what it was but looking at myself caused me to begin crying so hard that I had to put her down in her crib because I couldn't hold her. Not too long after that happened my immediate family staged a horrible intervention (which didn't end well) because they were worried about me.

I honestly do not think I had postpartum depression but I am confident that I needed someone to talk to and the extreme isolation I felt do to society and people pushing me away and down kept me from finding someone to speak to. 

Postpartum depression is REAL and WE are at higher risk than anyone else to experience it. If you feel like you are experiencing postpartum depression speak to your doctor, midwife, doula, anyone right away. Postpartum depression doesn't make you a bad or unfit mother-it makes you human. Please do not suffer in silence or think "I'll get over it."