Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Teen Mom Sofia Vergara Highest Paid TV Actress

For the second year in a row former teen mom Sofia Vergara has ranked as the highest paid television actress!

"...Vergara’s earnings over the past year reached $30 million—making her far and away the highest-paid actress on prime time." - Forbes

Sofia Vergara had her son Manolo at age 19 and in an interview with Redbook in 2011 she said "being a teen mom wasn't all that bad!"


With society, friends, and sometimes even family telling you that your life is over because you are a teen parent it's hard to see a bright future for you and your child. Sofia did not let becoming pregnant, married, and a mother a 19 stop her one bit. 

Lets give a HUGE shout out and congrats to Sofia Vergara and ALL teenage parents succeeding despite what society says. 

Check out inspiring interviews with teenage mothers from NYC and around the country here. 


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