Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Teen Mom Sofia Vergara Highest Paid TV Actress

For the second year in a row former teen mom Sofia Vergara has ranked as the highest paid television actress!

"...Vergara’s earnings over the past year reached $30 million—making her far and away the highest-paid actress on prime time." - Forbes

Sofia Vergara had her son Manolo at age 19 and in an interview with Redbook in 2011 she said "being a teen mom wasn't all that bad!"


With society, friends, and sometimes even family telling you that your life is over because you are a teen parent it's hard to see a bright future for you and your child. Sofia did not let becoming pregnant, married, and a mother a 19 stop her one bit. 

Lets give a HUGE shout out and congrats to Sofia Vergara and ALL teenage parents succeeding despite what society says. 

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