Sunday, November 10, 2013

Student Parents Problems

Yesterday I was going to meet up with a friend on campus to discuss an assignment we had to do for a class. The problems I faced were several.
  • My campus has a no child on campus policy
  • I couldn't secure a sitter
  • My computer (which I am desperately needing to replace) can't even open the assignment 
First, why does it seem colleges are so unprepared to address and meet the needs of parenting students given that a LARGE demographic of college students ARE parents. The amazing Tara Jefferson, founder of The Young Mommy Life has a great piece about this. I can't tell you how many times I have had to pay a sitter just to go on campus and do something very quickly but couldn't bring Leilani with me. In fact I had a HORRIBLE run in with one of the security guards during which he asked me "If I was even in the right place" just because I am a young mom with a child on a college campus. 

Even though I have a team of sitters I was unable to secure one, which is kind of upsetting but honestly  I don't feel I should HAVE to get a sitter to go onto MY college campus to meet with someone to discuss an assignment. 

As far as the computer situation I can not WAIT until I can change it and thank goodness for the public library. 

Being a student parent ain't no joke man. It's tough to get everything done when some things out of your control limit your ability to get things done. 

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