Monday, November 11, 2013

This Semester Can NOT End Any Sooner

I have 9-10 days left of the fall semester. I  CAN NOT WAIT!

This semester started off horribly with Leilani having school troubles, us having baby sitter problems, and my having to miss a bunch of school. As much as I hoped that the beginning of the semester wasn't indicative of what the semester was going to be it was. It really has been just a drag! 

My stats class is a JOKE! 
My psych capstone class is... strange to say the least. In one class he began talking about how a female's mortal vagina may not be able to with stand the power with which a god like Zeus or a superhero like Superman may have when making love to her. I mean... really? Did I mention the midterms are all based off of our notes.
Spanish is spanish and my social welfare course is good but the truth of the matter is I didn't really start the semester with a strong school mindset. 
Seniorites is kicking in and I just wanna graduate! 


  1. I feel you girl! Hang in there. I have about 4-5 weeks left. It can't be over soon enough. I started off strong and then bombed a midterm for one class byb COMPLETELY forgetting to take it! smfh!

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