Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Year of Love

I'm big on horoscopes and astrology. I wake up every morning, read my horoscope, and sometimes faint a little at how accurate it is. The beginning of a new year is a big deal and usually includes reading as much as I can about the planetary activity for the year ahead and how it will effect my sign, Aries.

As I read a few general summaries for the year they all spoke about how this year was going to be about love.
How full of love it would be, how I could meet someone, and so on and so forth. Although I sometimes venture into "should I start dating again" land I am mostly set on not dating. Mostly because I don't exactly know what I am thinking, feeling, and going through that well right now (mostly because graduation nearing is confusing) and I don't have the energy or will to split my attention three ways for someone else. Things are comfortable the way they are right now and I like that.

So when my horoscope is going on and on about love all I could think is WHERE IS MY big CAREER news!? ( I still feel like this)

However, after thinking about it more I love that my year will be filled with love! While I was only thinking about romantic love- i.e me having to deal with someone else- there are tons of different types of love!

Self love
Maternal love
Love of art
Love of life
Love of spontaneity
Love of adventure
Love of taking (calculated) risk
Love of being

So many different types of love why would I not be happy with the potential of all this love coming into our life this year?

What are looking forward to this year?