Friday, January 3, 2014

Don't Rely Solely on Text. Pick up the Phone and Call!

Call your babysitter. Don't rely solely on text they aren't all that reliable and not as safe as you think.
Imagine if you are securing a sitter and only use text? Who is to say the person on the other side of the phone really is the person you think you're texting?

Calling someone seems simple enough right but in the times of texting and emailing simple phone calls often get over looked and underestimated.

I have a sitter that I've used before for Leilani and when I had to take this inter-winter session course to stay on track for graduation. Luckily she agreed to pick her up for me when needed and that was a huge weight off my shoulders.

The only problem was this morning as I was getting Leilani ready and telling her about the sitter picking her up I asked her if she remembered the sitter (it's been a while since we used her) and she replied no. She said she didn't really remember what she looked like and was a bit nervous. I comforted her as best as i could and asked the sitter to send a photo of herself so I could show it to Leilani. When I got back home I was punched in the face with by my maternal instincts.

"What if someone stole the sitters phone and was just acting like her?!" "What if the person I have been TEXTING back and forth for weeks isn't the person I think they are?""What if Leilani doesn't feel comfortable and freaks out?" "What if I don't feel comfortable all of a sudden and freak out?"

I am freaking out. What the hell did I just do?! I just secured a sitter for my child and hadn't even seen her in person for a while, hadn't spoken to her on the phone, and up until this point I was okay with that all because of a text. A text message. Imagine if someone did steal her phone and because of a lack of a phone call I was potentially putting my baby at risk?

I called her and it was her. I decided to skip the beginning of class in order to make sure her, Leilani, and myself are okay and all comfortable.

Could you imagine how I would have felt if the sitters phone had been stolen and it wasn't her? What situation would I be putting my child in?

Please do me a favor and don't rely solely on text. It's dangerous. Call, meet them in person, and make sure everything is okay.