Thursday, January 2, 2014

Themes For the Year 2014!

For 2013 I choose themes to live by during the year instead of a list of resolutions. 

My two themes for last year were collaboration and self love. Looking back over 2013 I would say that choosing themes and sticking to them throughout the year worked great and I stuck with them.  I collaborated with a lot of people, met a lot of wonderful people, and developed great relationships with these people off and online. I also learned to love myself a lot more. I'm glad to say that although I have a long ways to go I am on the right track and feeling confident about it. 

Enough about 2013 lets talk about 2014! 

This year I'm choosing a few themes, while keeping my last two from last year. 
For 2014 my themes are going to be:

  • REMOVE THE FREE: I let fear stop me from trying new things, launching new projects, calling and or emailing someone and asking them questions, for help, and so on but I'm sick of letting fear paralyze me and my greatness that's why I am choosing to kick fears ass this year :) 
  • SELF CONFIDENCE: I was talking to a good friend of mine about how scared I was about graduating college, how life is going, the uncertainty of not having a full time offer, and so on and so forth. She replied with a simple question, "why?" Simple: I"M NOT CONFIDENT ENOUGH (kind of goes along with my first theme and both are going to change this year.)
  • Starting living, not just surviving: I want to do me more. Making my own decisions, calling on the baby sitter so I can go out once in a while, demanding ME time for whatever I want to do with that time. (Even Leilani thinks this is a good idea the other day she asked me when I'm going to sign up for dance classes like I always say I will.) 
  • Get Organized: Being more organized will help me feel as if I have more control over things (yes control issues but I'm not working on that this year lol) which will help me RELAX and accomplish more.  30 day goal plans need to come into effect to help me get more organized. 
  • Create! Create beautiful spaces where beautiful things can come to life. 
What are some of your themes and or resolutions for the year? Let me know in the comments section below.