Monday, March 17, 2014

Graduation MADNESS

May 27th has been circled, highlighted, and counted down to on my calendar for about a little over a month now. 
May 27th, the day I will FINALLY graduate college and join the rank of "the graduated," the day I will walk across the stage and enjoy my 15 seconds of graduation fame, the day that marks my never having to step foot into another undergraduate course again… or so I thought! 

First, it was bought to my attention that the symbolic and tradition of walking across the graduation stage during graduation was NOT a tradition followed at Baruch. Instead we sit for a two hour lecture from all of the people we rarely ever saw in college (you know the deans, deans dean, and other people who decide when to raise tuition and change curriculum's in the middle of you college career but rarely ever speak to you in person, yup them!) THEY get to talk for two hours but WE, the graduates who will only graduate from college ONCE, don't walk across the stage because "there isn't enough time." As my dad put it, it seems more like the deans are graduating than the actual students. 

After hearing this a was PISSED! I felt robbed (still do) and announced that I would most likely NOT be going to me two hour lecture "graduation." 

THEN, despite applying for graduation numerous times, I kept getting email notifications that I "hadn't signed up for graduation yet." I literally signed up 3 to 4 times but somehow the office never saw the form? So I decide that the 16th time would be a charm. On my way to apply AGAIN I get THE email, the email no one ever wants, the email which will send you into a crying, frantic, manic mess, the email that told me I WAS NOT GOING TO really GRADUATE! 

Yup, that's right, the email that told me I was 2 credits short, despite ALL my academic advisers telling me otherwise, and that come May 27th I WOULD NOT really be graduating. As you can imagine I was a MESS! I cried, a was angry, I ran around trying to prove the email was wrong but I never did. Instead I was literally told "Oh, dear, it seems we have miscalculated your credits this whole time. You do need 2 more credits, it was our mistake but you should have told us. You will need to come back in the summer for one more course so you can really graduate, it's no big deal, its just one class." 

I couldn't (and still can't) believe how they think miscalculating a students credits, telling them two months into the semester, and that "it's no big deal' is okay, is acceptable, and is normal. They kept telling me that I could take part in the "ceremony" (the two hour dean lecture) as if that made me feel better. 

Because of their error I now have to find a way to pay for the summer course I didn't budget for, the childcare I did not budget for, and all of the other related cost of attending school in the summer because they "messed up but it's not a big deal, I can just come back in the summer." 

After much clarification, or at least the allusion of clarification, I have purchased my cap and gown for graduation. I have continued my anxious countdown to May 27th and will be returning to school in the summer for the last course they say I need.