Monday, March 24, 2014

Why I LOVE Being a Teen Mom

Last week Friday I had the amazing opportunity to be published in Vitamin W.
VITAMIN W is a women-owned media platform delivering thoughtful news for professional women, from entrepreneurship to politics to sports, health, interviews, editorials, and more. -from their "about us" page. 
My article on Vitamin W is perhaps the FIRST time I solely wrote about the benefits, positivity, and real life love I have for being a teen mom. People have told me that article is one of the best I have written so far and I can't agree more. I wrote it with a lot of love, from my reality, and for a change, I was able to put a PURELY POSITIVE and unintentionally political piece out there about why teenage motherhood rocks!

Please let me know what you think!

     Life is kind of opposite for me. I often half-jokingly say to my friends that by age 35, I will be a hot 35-year-old woman with a career, her life mildly put together, and will start my around-the-world travel plans without my daughter. They laugh and then realize that at age 35, they will probably be all of those things, too, but at the beginning of their parenthood journey. They then realize that they never thought of things that way - and that maybe I knew something they didn't when I gave birth to my daughter at fifteen. 
Mainstream discussions surrounding teenage pregnancy and teenage parenting are centered around prevention and the possible dire outcomes of teenage motherhood. Yet there is rarely room for discussion about the benefits a mother can enjoy - even her teenage years. 

     Because I had my daughter at a young age, I have experienced several events in my life that I may have not experienced and learned from as early on as I did. 

Finding and using your voice to speak up and out: 
     Being a pregnant and/or parenting teen is a very thankless job. We are often used as scapegoats for a variety of societal woes, judged, spoken down to, and used as examples for what every person should "not be." One of the side effects of this treatment is blatant disrespect or disregard for your voice as a person and parent to your very own child. With no one else around to speak up for you and your family, you must take that task on and take it on with fierceness and pride that will shock you and whomever you are addressing. 

Organizational and planning skills:
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