Thursday, April 17, 2014

#NoTeenShame Thunderclap Campaign

I am part of an amazing group of former teenage mamas who have come together to create cultural change in the way society thinks of teenage parents/young parents, teenage pregnancy prevention campaigns, our children and so much more.

We have a Tumblr page that you can visit, an amazing hashtag (#NoTeenShame) that you can look through on all social media channels like Twitter and Instagram, and more.

One of our goals is to get the word out that pregnant and parenting teens and young people are capable of amazing and wonderful things, as are our children; we are doing this through a Thunder Clap campaign.

It is fairly simple to support the Thunderclap, all you do is allow it to sync with your Facebook and or Twitter and you will have supported the campaign. Once the goal is met the tweets and or post will all be posted at the same time which increases the visibility of the work of #NoTeenShame and your amazing support.

You can support the Thunder clap here or below.