Friday, May 16, 2014

Almost There

Yesterday I finished my capstone paper, next week I have finals, then I'm done(ish) with my undergrad studies.

I can not believe it. 
Nine years of being a student parent will be coming to an end soon. The reality of it is hitting me slowly.

This morning when I dropped Leilani off to school I held her little face in my hands I thanked her. I thanked her for being so patient with me, for taking this journey with me, for understanding that when mommy was working on something and was crabby that it wasn't always directed at her, for motivating me and reminding me to the stay on task and log off of Facebook, for letting me take naps in the middle of the day, and for graciously hearing "not right now, okay" far too many times.

Then I hugged her and told her we are almost done with college.

She smiled and ran up the stairs to school without fully realizing how much she has done for me.