Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Help Support The Young Mommy Life Scholarship Fund

The Young Mommy Life is going to revive its scholarship fund but needs some help from us to be able to do it.  The young Mommy aka Tara has started a TeeSpring campaign to raise funds with some wonderful shirts available for purchase.

From the TeeSpring Campaign page,
"Maya Angelou. Chaka Khan. Ann Dunham (President Obama's mother). Aretha Franklin. All young moms, all women who have made an extraordinary mark on the world. Purchase one for yourself or for a young mom in your life as a reminder that no matter how old you are when you become a parent, you are capable of doing great things. 50% of the proceeds from this sale will go toward the YML Scholarship Fund! "
You can learn more about the fundraising campaign which will end JULY  3rd on the YML blog and find the shirts and link to purchase here.