Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Motivation: Changing the Meaning of Teenage Motherhood: Natasha Vianna at TEDxRoxburyWomen

Natasha Vianna is a super awesome fellow teen and young parent advocate and member of #NoTeenShame. She had her daughter in her teens and like many has used her personal experiences as a way to advocate for many.

Last year Natasha shared that she would be delivering a TEDTalk and I think I freaked out a little bit.
I was executed that somebody else I know, who is also a former teen mom, and helped teenage parents in her everyday work would be delivering a TEDTalk.

During her talk Natasha describes how her upbringing, family, and personal experiences as a young woman and teenage mother have all played a major part in the person she is today.

You can follow Natasha on Twitter at @NatashaVianna.