Friday, September 19, 2014

The Trouble with Saying "I Beat Teenage Pregnancy"

This excerpt of an article from URGE writer Robyn makes me SO happy! More and more people seem to be realizing and stating that us- teenage parents- are NOT terrible people and that we deserve respect too.
Read it and let me know what you think.

I celebrated my 20th birthday a few weeks ago, and, like many Millennials on a holiday, I struggled to find the perfect Facebook status to capture the moment.
I could have followed in the footsteps of my peers, who have overwhelmingly posted on their respective birthdays some variation of, “I beat teen pregnancy!”
The phrase is so common that a friend of mine actually yelled it to me when we crossed paths on my special day—“Happy Birthday, Robyn! And congrats, you beat teen pregnancy!”
But is teen pregnancy really something that needs to be “beat”?
This terminology implies that teen pregnancy is akin to diseases, like cancer or addiction.
When my peers say, “I beat teen pregnancy,” they say it in the same proud tone and in the same congratulatory manner than one might say, “I beat lung cancer!”
The root of the problem lies in the stigma surrounding teen pregnancy. Our society so looks down upon it that to many people, avoiding teen pregnancy is actually similar to recovering from an illness.
It’s ironic, though. 
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What do you think? Is Robyn right or wrong? Let me know in the comments.