Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Law Helps Teen Moms Stay in School

New Mexico has passed laws that make finishing your education after having a baby much easier! 

Attending school as a parent is difficult and having schools discriminate you even more hard to stay in and finish school however, because of advocacy from teenage families and people and organizations that support us, New Mexico's Parental Leave Law can help change this for teenage parents in New Mexico.
"It would not have surprised many had Karina Ramirez not graduated from high school last school year. As a senior at Valencia High in Los Lunas, New Mexico, Ramirez gave birth to a son. “When I got pregnant even my family said, ‘OK so she’s not graduating, she’s not going to be anyone in this life,’” the 19-year-old said recently.  
Two weeks after Ramirez’s baby was born, she says a school administrator called and left a message with her parents: “They told me I was dis-enrolled because I missed too many days.”"
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