Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Teen Mom Zine: PLAN C: Quit the Shame, Blame & Judgement - Young Parents Speak

California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CL4RJ) is a super dope California based organization that works with amazing teenage families in California.
The young mothers they work with have been working hard on a Zine (which is kind of like a journal meets a magazine) about the life, beauty, hardships, and annoyances from stigma and shame teenage mother and out families have to deal with.

"PLAN C: Quit the Shame, Blame & Judgement - Young Parents Speak," is written by and for young parents. A great tool for allies and young parents like, the zine pushes back and challenges stereotypes of young families in our communities through the shared experiences of young parents in California
We invite you to like and share widely!!! Let the YPLC know they are making a difference with their work!

To download & or read ---> http://bit.ly/PLANC_Zine

Check out the Zine and let me and CL know what you think!