Wednesday, January 21, 2015

National Latina Institute of Reproductive Health seeking #youngmom intern

I love the National Latina Institute of Reproductive Health. They are a great organization that is doing great work with great people working for them.

They're also great because they are seek a young mom for a PAID internship in New York City!
There is NO GPA or advanced education requirement.

Quick overview of the position:

Job Description: NLIRH seeks a Community Mobilization Intern to collaborate with the Community Mobilization Team to achieve NLIRH's strategic goals by engaging our activists and leveraging our digital media platforms to engaging our online communities. This includes executing base building strategies with the New York Latina Advocacy Network, and creating and managing our social media presence. This individual will be working closely with our Young Parents Cohort and in particular with our young mothers. For more information on this program please visit: Candidate must be tech-savvy, have experience working with young mothers, and be an innovative thinker with strong leadership skills and advanced analytical abilities to implement the organization's strategic leadership development goals.
Position Location: New York City, NY
Job Type: 10-15 hour internship; Flexible hours/days [pay is $12/hour]
Job Open Date: February 2015 – June 2015" 
To learn more about the position and to apply click here.