Thursday, February 12, 2015

5 Reasons every teen mom should watch Gilmore Girls

I watched the Gilmore Girls a little bit when I was younger and the show was on air however, now that all the episodes are available on Netflix I'm watching it all over again.

I remember watching it when I was younger and thinking it was so cool the mom and daughter got along so well, that the town was cute, and that the quick dialogue was hard to keep up with but refreshing at the same time. 

Years would pass before I realized the mother and daughter were so awesome because Lorelai (the mother) had her daughter (nickname Rory) when she was a teen! Lorelai was a teen mom! Watching the show can be kind of therapeutic, reassuring, and refreshing all at once. To express how much I like the fact that a show has a teen mom and her awesome kid having a perfectly "normal" life I give you:

 5 Reasons Every Teen Mom Should Watch Gilmore Girls!

A non reality show TV about (teenage) parenting. With so many of the shows on air featuring teenage mothers in super dramatic and exaggerated editing life situations it's nice to have one sitcom that had a story line of a teen mom living her life after having her child. I think one of the great things about a television show is being able to relate to it- and even though I can relate to very few things in terms of the lives of the Gilmore Girls- being able to relate to having a child in your teens is enough for me. 

They're doing just fine! Seeing a teen mom and daughter doing just fine makes me feel like Leilani and I can be doing great in the future (even more great than we are now).
I'm always thinking about the future, how Leilani and I will be in the future, what our living situation will look like, and on and on. I feel I think about these things so much because I had Leilani at 15 and despite hating all things that society says about teenage mothers it gets to me sometimes. Seeing Rory going off to college, Lorelai working hard and being independent makes me feel like Leilani and I can have our own version of that some day. 

The emotional residue of being a teen mom. No one in my family was happy that I got pregnant and became a mom at 15. It was hard for all of us and in many ways the pain some of my family members felt was taken out on me (and sometimes still is). Seeing Lorelai as a grown woman still dealing with the emotions of her childhood, the emotions of being a pregnant teen, and the emotions of being a single teen mom outside of her parent's home and how it affected the whole family in many different ways makes me feel less alone in my struggle. 

Mother and daughter relationship that isn't terrible.  In just about every show/movie moms and daughter seem to hate one another. Most of Disney moms are dead or the mom figures are terrible people and manipulate the daughters in several ways. Leilani and I don't hate one another. And watching shows where the mom and daughter hate one another worries me that that is the ONLY fate for Leilani and myself. Seeing a teen mom and her daughter love each other, like each other, and trust each other is refreshing and hopeful. 

It'll make you happy. It'll make you happy because it makes you feel like there is a future that is beautiful, healthy, and bright for women who had their children in their teens. One that includes loves, laughter, independence, magic, and a great kid who loves and likes you.

Despite what society, family, strangers or "friends" say to you that you can "make it" too.