Monday, February 2, 2015

JOB: Sadie Nash Leadership Project Dean Leadership Training Program 

Sadie Nash is currently accepting applications for their temporary PAID summer positions.

The Dean Leadership Training Program is a skill-based internship opportunity to gain hands-on youth work and facilitation experience. Deans should demonstrate clear leadership experience, as well as, an interest in women’s and girls' leadership, social justice, youth development, education, feminism, and non-profit work. The position offers a unique and exciting learning experience, which is fun, dynamic, and challenging.  

Eligible dean applicants must be young women who are either:Recent college graduates
Current Juniors/Seniors at 4-year colleges
Graduates of 2-year colleges
3-4 years out of high school

We are seeking applicants for 2 separate programs/sites:
(Full-time, Stipended summer opportunity)Summer Institute - Newark, NJ & New York City, 6 weeksReady S.E.T. Go! - New York City, 4 weeks
Deadline to apply: All information should be sent as soon as possible but no later than MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17th 2014 (5:00pm EST via email). Only completed applications will be considered. 

Find out more information about the Summer paid positions here: