Monday, February 2, 2015

More Terrible "Prevention" ads

Recently the United Way of Greater Milwaukee released the newest "teenage pregnancy prevention ads" they have been working on. 

These ads are being celebrated as "innovation" "new" "thought provoking" but being that ads using and disrespecting teenage parents have been around for DECADES I'm not sure how any of those adjectives actually apply.

I have SEVERAL problems with these ads.

They are shaming, disrespectful, full of stigma, non factual, not thought provoking, and again WHY ARE WE USING MY FAMILIES likeliness as a scary story to share with youth and society at large.

I wrote some more of my feelings over on
While ads that use these tropes are usually celebrated as being "head turners" or "innovative" or "groundbreaking," they aren't. These ads use the tired and false tropes of shame and stigma, and further the false idea that becoming a teenage parent is the worst possible thing that could happen to a teen.What always troubles me the most about "prevention" ads is that they do very little to nothing about providing prevention information and always use teenage families as shock value while further shaming and stigmatizing teenage families.

Furthermore, how does the United Way's Greater Milwaukee branch not see the dissonance between the United Way's Vision — "a world where all individuals and families achieve their human potential through education, income stability, and healthy lives" — and its several troubling prevention ad campaigns that infantilize teenage parents as toys instead of depicting them as the leaders of families that they are and belittle parenting as a baby's ploy to "control" one's life.
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United Way Milwaukee's teen pregnancy prevention campaign falls flat. 

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