Friday, May 1, 2015

#31DaysOfPositivity - day 1

May is teenage pregnancy prevention month. A month where shaming and stigmatizing ads like these are passed off as teenage pregnancy prevention. I have several problems with ads like these; it's why I wrote this and this and am a founding member of #NoTeenShame

This year I thought about what I could do to counter the negative shaming, stigmatizing, and disrespectful ads that are created and decided the answer was to create a counter narrative through images. 

Therefore I present you with

Each day during month I will share a new image that is positive, uplifting, and affirming for teen parents. 

I ask that you join me by sharing the images on whichever social media sites you see fit, sharing them with any teen parents you know, and most importantly BELIEVING what the images say. 

Feel free to share the images and other positive messages for teen parents using #31DaysOfPositivity

Day one