Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Teen Mom Turned Designer Makes Bikinis To Hide Pregnancy Scars

At 16 years old I looked at my body in the mirror and saw it covered with stretch marks and a body I was not familiar with. I was about 110 pounds before becoming pregnant, about 200 pounds when I gave birth, and I have no idea how much I weighed after giving birth (mostly because I wasn't really worried about my weight but more so other things).

"I'm never wearing a bikini again" I told myself. But that was it. I didn't think about starting my own bathing suit line but another teen mom did.

Altrichia Cook, now 28, felt really discouraged when she was looking for a high waisted bathing suit that would cover up pregnancy related scarring so she started her own line of swimwear.

You can follow her on Instagram, check out her website,  and order a swimsuit via email.

One of the most notable people who have worn her designs is Nicki Minaj!

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Do not give up on your dreams and aspirations! You could be making swimsuits for celebs one day :) 

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